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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

postheadericon Agenda for Tuesday

Well I decided I didn't have enough frustration or things to do in my life being a married mom to three boys, so I decided to start writing this blog. Why not?! LOL! Until I figure out what I want to post about your just going to get my random craziness! Welcome to the ride.

About Me

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My name is Theresa but I go by "T" I'm a married mom of 3 boys who are 20, 13, and 10. I started PSPing 4 years ago due to a back injury and I just want to be able to give a little back to the "scrapping world" that welcomed me with open arms. I have a slightly twisted dark sense of humor and I'm a smart ass to the bone (it's a genetic thing...proof is in my children).

My Licenses

  • PTE : PTE1473
  • CDO: CDO-1632
  • Fabulous Art Beginings: FAB007
  • Barbara Jenson: BJ3482
  • xeracx: IRT3318H
  • PFD: PFD_T793
  • Gorjuss: SW5278
  • Scarps and The City: SATC2362
  • CILM: CI-7272LM
  • MPT: MPT9048
  • Tooshtoosh: Tosh0826