Friday, November 25, 2011
Want to send out a huge THANK YOU to Alikas Scrap for this awesome blog layout made from one of her kit "Kiss This" which is you can find through her blog HERE and the fabulous art of Elias Chatzoudis which is aexclusive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

postheadericon Agenda for Tuesday

Well I decided I didn't have enough frustration or things to do in my life being a married mom to three boys, so I decided to start writing this blog. Why not?! LOL! Until I figure out what I want to post about your just going to get my random craziness! Welcome to the ride.

About Me

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My name is Theresa but I go by "T" I'm a married mom of 3 boys who are 20, 13, and 10. I started PSPing 4 years ago due to a back injury and I just want to be able to give a little back to the "scrapping world" that welcomed me with open arms. I have a slightly twisted dark sense of humor and I'm a smart ass to the bone (it's a genetic thing...proof is in my children).

My Licenses

  • PTE : PTE1473
  • CDO: CDO-1632
  • Fabulous Art Beginings: FAB007
  • Barbara Jenson: BJ3482
  • xeracx: IRT3318H
  • PFD: PFD_T793
  • Gorjuss: SW5278
  • Scarps and The City: SATC2362
  • CILM: CI-7272LM
  • MPT: MPT9048
  • Tooshtoosh: Tosh0826